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Why are all these details requested to me?
We do not want to load your email box with information that do not interest you. Vinando’s activities are various and present on the whole Italian territory. You will be informed about the the activities organized near your city.

Will hundreds of publicity e-mail and Spam be sent to me?
Of course not…our communications will be only relative to Vinando’s activities and sent by Vinando only; A e-mail every 15-20 days.
All the indications that interest you. Vinando will not reveal any e-mail address that users provide to any third party, but Vinando uses these e-mail addresses internally only and for information purposes.

How can I cancel my registration?
It’s easy. Please send us an e-mail with your data and as subject of your e-mail please indicate “remove me” and you will not receive any e-mails from us anymore.


Please fill this form out and submit it if you want to be updated on courses and events that Vinando organizes in your city.

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